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Every Month On Autopilot!
Dear fellow Internet marketer,

Ever wanted to run your own premium membership site, but you just didn't have the motivation to keep it updated every month with fresh, new content? I understand your dilemma...

It really is difficult to keep a membership site updated and active, every single month. Not only that, but you need to spend the time to actively promote it so you can reap the rewards from your monthly efforts.

Needless to say, while running a membership site is extremely profitable and is just about the closest thing to a "reliable income" in the Internet Marketing field (since you get paid monthly like clockwork), it demands a lot of your time and energy.

Time and energy that you probably don't have.

So, many people turn to trying to promote monthly memberships as an affiliate. There's three huge problems with that...

1.) There is a huge lack of memberships out there with affiliate programs. I dare you to find 10 high quality memberships with affiliate programs that pay you monthly in less than 2 hours. I seriously doubt you'll be able to do it.

2.) Despite the fact you get paid monthly, you don't get paid much. These programs charge $30 or more per month and you end up getting something like 30% of the commission. That means you make $10 per month on a $30 per month program...

3.) There's a huge number of dropouts with most memberships. This is the one thing that most marketers won't admit. People drop out of memberships like flies, most of the time. That means your efforts are wasted.

I have thought of a solution that benefits everyone, won't have to update the membership site at all, you get to keep all of the profits, and I'll even help you retain the members you drive to the site.

In other words, a membership site that is completely autopilot for you - literally. You don't upload anything, you don't update, you don't even have to look at the site. You just drive customers, and you get paid every penny.

So for example if you were to send just 10 people to the site, $470 would be added to your income every month, send 50 people to the site and that monthly figure rises to $2,350, send 100 people to the site and you're almost at the $5k/month milestone etc. The more you promote the site, the more your MONTHLY revenue will be (you won't be getting one-off payments, you'll be getting paid every month)

So...How would you like the ability to resell this site, my $47.00 per month membership about making money online, for 100% commissions every single month? If so, listen up...

Members Stay Subscribed For Months And Months
My team and I built this site as the ultimate resource for infopreneurs, seasoned and beginner alike, to have access to all of the newest videos, info products, workshops, and software packages, available month after month after month. The site is updated with new content EVERY DAY!
The whole system works very well so when you refer someone to the site - they STAY subscribed!

-- Which simply means more money for you each month.
So, Here's The Deal
The issue here is that I now don't have enough time to actively promote the membership site on my own to the levels I want to get it to. I keep it updated, but I don't have enough time to put all of my effort into promoting it. I'd be spreading myself too thin.

So, I want you to promote it for me. Sound good?

"How Much Do I Earn Per Member?"

You earn every penny for every member that signs up through your special link. Yes, that's get 100% of the cash every single month, and it's sent directly to your Paypal account. There's no waiting for an affiliate check or anything like that.

It's literally like they're a member of YOUR OWN membership site.

...A membership site in an EXTREMELY HOT niche - MAKING MONEY ONLINE - and is designed to attract everyone and anyone who wants an increase to their income (yes... everyone!).

And, in addition, as I've don't have to lift a finger to keep the membership site updated. I do that. It's literally all autopilot for you.

You send the traffic, and then the members pay you, directly, every month. And they won't drop out quickly like they do in other membership sites because they're immediately integrated into the proven money making platforms on the site. And, these platforms help them succeed with their money making goals.

(That, of course, means you'd be promoting a real, quality membership that people stick with.)
It's Even Easier Than A "Business-In-A-Box"
I handle absolutely everything for you. Let me make this crystal clear for you...

  •  No Downloading/Uploading Anything
  •  No Membership Scripts
  •  No Managing Members 
  •  No Maintaining Software or Hardware
  •  No Writing Any Sales Copy
  •  No Hosting Fees
  •  No Customer Supporting
You just drive some traffic, sit back, and enjoy the monthly income. I can't think of anything easier than this to make money online - I'm literally doing all the work for you and you're making the money!!

In fact...
  •  No Creating Any Squeeze Pages
  •  No Designing Any Graphics or Banners 
  •  No Writing Any Blog Posts or Emails
  •  And No Making Any Videos

All the promotional tools you need are already done for you!

Consider this too...

This is even better than being an affiliate marketer. You don't just get 30%, 50%, or 70% of a sale. You get 100% of every single subscription through your reseller link. And, it's paid directly into your PayPal account. There's no waiting for a check or a monthly payment (like a typical affiliate program.)

And, you keep pulling in that money -- $100's or even $1,000's -- every single month. It's about as close to "autopilot" as it gets.
The Reseller Program
Is NOT Free
Again, I'm being totally upfront with you. I'm giving you 100% of the profits here, but there's a small fee to be a reseller.

I'm charging a fee because it allows me to fund workers to keep the site updated and to create new, high quality content for the members. It also gives me some profit (incentive!) to keep the site fresh since resellers will be getting 100% of the profit for the traffic they send.

So what if all of this (and more) was yours...not for a reasonable $197, a cheap $147, or a ridiculous $97 per month...NOT EVEN CLOSE!
The monthly fee to be a reseller is $47.00 per month. The next time you have access to this offer, it will be $97 per month or more.

Remember, you aren't doing ANYTHING except driving traffic to your special link. And, you get to keep all the profits from the people who convert into paying customers, every month.

Oh, something else you should know...the resellers fee remains the same whether you have 10, 100 or 1000 members paying you every month. There is no limit to the amount of members you can have in the membership. 

It's simple. Once you become an active reseller by clicking the green button below (it's green if there are available spaces), then your special affiliate link will become activated immediately. 

For every person who goes to your link and subscribes.. YOU get the payment notification in your email and YOU are the one who gets paid every single month (I won't see a single cent of it!)

You don't need a list - because I'll give you tons of marketing tools. If you have a list all the better, but this offer is a money-maker "in a box". Not a complicated business. Whole biz-in-a-box things take too much time to get going. This is a simple cash machine.

In this package, I include tons of automated tools. Just plug 'em into whatever web marketing you are currently doing.

You will get:

  • Squeeze Pages
  • Email Ads
  • Autoresponder follow up ads
  • Blog posts
  • Banner Ads
  • Videos
  • Social media swipe files
  • And more!

You will also get exclusive access to hundreds of tutorial videos which go over many different traffic methods, such as:

Video Sharing Sites, Social Media Sites, Tutorial Sites, Guest Blogging & Forum Marketing, Social Bookmarking and Q&A Sites, Ebook & Document Sharing Sites, Press Release Sites, Traffic Exchange Sites, Self-Serve Advertising Networks, Blogger, Ad-Swaps, LinkedIn, HubPages, In-Text Advertising, Multi Channel, Media Buys and Display Advertising, PPC Advertising, PPV/CPV Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Solo Ads, Squidoo, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Viral Reports, Yahoo Answers, YouTube... & Many other miscellaneous traffic sources!

Seriously - with the training and tutorials we provide as well as the promotional tools to use... I would go as far to say that even a 13 year old could make money with this!
If this seems like the opportunity you've been waiting for to "own" your own membership site and reap all the rewards on autopilot, there's more to tell you. It's the icing on the cake.

The Reseller Program is also backed by my 200% money back guarantee. If within 3 months of actively promoting the site you are not making at least $100 in profit (more than double your reseller license fee) every month, then I'll refund your resellers fee AND DOUBLE IT to compensate you for your time. Though I expect you will be earning much, much more after 3 months.

In other words, I am literally guaranteeing you'll be earning a profit on autopilot every single month if you put the effort into promoting. I dare you to find any other resellers program on the market that offers the same opportunity. You won't.
It's Time To Choose Your Destiny
At this point, you've either decided that this is right for you or it's not. I doubt there's any "in between," here. One thing you must NOT do is to leave now and join the reseller program later.

By viewing this page, it means you are locked in at the price of $47 per month. Get 2 active members into the site, and you're turning a profit on autopilot, every single month.

There's no telling when I will run out of reseller licenses, or when the price will go up. If you leave and decide to join the reseller program at a later date, the fee for a license WILL increase to $97 or more per month - or worse, it could no longer be available.

Sorry, it just makes simple business sense for me to limit the number of reseller licenses that I offer. Less competition for our resellers means that they're happier and are more likely to stick with us.

Join and get your resellers license now, while you're temporarily locked in to only $47 per month. Remember, if you leave and decide to join later, this offer could no longer be available...

Now, Here's Where I'm Going to Make This Decision VERY EASY for You!
I'm about to make you two promises that will give you NO CHOICE but to opt-in to Reseller program RIGHT NOW:

1. When you pay your $47/month subscription for the first month, I will waive the subscription payment for the second and third months.

That means your single payment of $47 covers Months 1, 2 and 3 ... and you get to keep 100% the subscriptions of every new subscriber you bring in without having to pay a single penny more for the next 90 days.

2. As I mentioned before, If you're not earning a recurring THREE-FIGURE INCOME after three months, not only will I refund your $47 payment ... but I will DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK!

In other words, if your membership into the Reseller program isn't paying you a MINIMUM of $100 per month by the end of the first 90 days ... I will pay you back $94 ... GUARANTEED!

I DEFY YOU to find anybody who will back up their promises with that kind of guarantee.

It's unheard of in the Internet marketing industry ... yet I am so confident that the profits you will earn as an exclusive Reseller will exceed your wildest expectations ... that I am willing to literally put my money where my mouth is!

No Contracts to Sign No Long-Term Commitment and You Can Opt Out at Any Time
I will take my commitment to your success one step further:

No Contracts: To be an exclusive Reseller, you don't have to sign any contracts (This is a handshake deal)

No Long-Term Commitment: I won't tie you down with any long-term commitments ... so you can walk away from this anytime you choose (although once you see how much money you will be earning, you won't want to)

Opt Out at Any Time: You are completely free to opt-out any time you like ... or stay in as long as you want and keep making exponentially higher recurrent profits month after month and year after year!

That's my promise to you and it's one you won't find ANYWHERE else in the world of Internet marketing.

Here's a Recap of What You'll Get When You Join...
By joining the Reseller Program today:
Which leaves me to ask you this final question...

Are You Ready To Sign Up to The Reseller Program?

I look forward to hearing from you!



P.S. If you've read this far, you probably already have made up your mind that you want to do something more with your life. But you may also be wondering if the Reseller Program is the right choice for you.

Take my word for it: It is. Dozens of marketers are already making thousands each month, many of whom started with even less experience or motivation than you. I provide you with the complete package, everything you need to create a 5-figure monthly income stream. All you need to do is drive the traffic and I take care of the rest.

Don't waste another minute being indecisive. Today is the day that is going to change everything for you. All you need to do is take the first step ... by getting your reseller link while you still can!

Don't worry. I will be right behind you to offer you support and assistance every step of the way. You have my word.
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